Q  Are you Insured?
A  As a ligitimate business insurance is a must, we use 'Pet Business Insurance' (recommended by                                   NARP's uk) which includes Public liability £5.000.000 Key cover also Care Custody & Control.

Q  How many other dogs will my dog be walked with?
A  Maximum of 5 dogs on a group walk, unless 2 walkers are working together in which case up to 7 dogs are              the maximum           

Q  How will my dog be transported safely?
A  Your dogs safety is always our top priority they will be travelling in our fully equipped van which has                      individual cages dog safety belts. We carry first aid kits lots of water.
Q  Do you have experience in pet first aid?
A  All walkers are Pet First Aid trained this is updated and refreshed bi-anually. We carry first aid kits on
      our transport.

Q  Do you run background checks on your walkers?
A  Yes all the team have DBS clearance (no criminal record) and previous employers references are followed up.

Q  Are you a member of any professional dog walking associations?
We take our business seriously and belong to NARP's....the National Association for Pet Sitters and Dog 

Q  What sort of communication do you maintain?
A  For your peace of mind we will send ad hoc photos or videos whilst on walks so you can see your dogs latest          antics.

Q  What are your pick up and drop off procedures?
A  Our service includes a free pick up and drop off from your home or allocated address.

Q  What is your emergency procedure?
A  You will contacted on the number supplied or the emergency contact allocated. If required we will take  
​      your pet to the nominated vet or nearest vet depending on the urgency. We will stay with your pet until
      your arrival.

Q  Will my dog have consistency of care?
A  Your dog will have the same walker every visit except when holiday cover is needed, you will always be                    given the option to meet your walker to ensure that you and your dog are 100% happy.

Q  Can I go for a trial walk with my dog walker or come along on a walk to see that my dog is happy?
A  Most definitely this is free and to be encouraged as this gives you reassurance that your dog is with the                    right dog walking company.

Q  Do you walk dogs no matter what the weather?
A  Yes except in extreme conditions which could be unsafe for your dog.

Q  Will my dog be returned home clean?
A  We carry  bathing wipes and a portable hose to clean your dog off always returning them home as clean as is        possible.

Q  What about muddy boots mess in my house?
A  There will be no mess left as we always wear shoes protectors or remove boots if muddy before entering
      your property.

​Q  Do you have any recommendations?
A  Yes we pride ourselves on our 5*reviews Click the links below to view;